How much do All-On-4 ® Implant Teeth Cost?

Costs are approximate:

$27,000 for lower or upper arch.

The surgical aspects including the placement of the implants would all be done while you are asleep and comfortable under a general anaesthetic.

There would be additional fees for the use of the theatre facilities at Hobart Day Surgery Unit or St. Johns Hospital, and the Anaesthetist. These out of pocket expenses would be dependent on your level of private health insurance cover.

Finance Options


Dental treatments can often be an unexpected expense, but that does not mean you have to choose between your oral health and your budget. At Prime Dental, our goal is to make excellent dental care easy and accessible which is why we offer Smile Choice Payment options.

Smile Choice payment plans and loans allow you to pay back dental expenses over time, helping you access your best treatment option and manage your costs. Applying is easy and you can do it online!