Treatment flow for the placement of the upper & lower All-On-4 ® bridge

This option involves removing your remaining teeth and placing 4 implants in your upper jaw and 4 implants in your lower jaw whilst you are asleep. We will then make an immediate provisional bridge which will be fitted within 48 hours.

This occurs in the majority of cases, but rarely if the implants do not reach sufficient stability a full temporary denture may be required for 4 months.


Note that you will be on a soft diet for 12 weeks while your implants integrate or join to the bone.

Nightguard Splint

We also provide you with a night guard splint to be worn while sleeping. This is imperative to protect your new bridge/s from the damaging forces from night time grinding.

Required appointments

  1. Initial appointments to make the provisional bridge and surgical guide. To be completed prior to surgery.
  2. Extract the remaining teeth and place the implants whilst under a general anaesthetic. It will be necessary for you to spend most of the afternoon following this procedure at the practice for work on your provisional upper and lower bridge.
  3. On the following day after surgery, several appointments will be required during the day to fit the bridges.
  4. Review 1 week later.