Porcelain Veneers


Representing the forefront of cosmetic dental treatments, Veneers are thin, tooth coloured porcelain shells, which are expertly and innovatively designed, crafted and then bonded to cover the front of the teeth.

Porcelain veneers usually take three visits.  The teeth are prepared at the first visit. Temporary ‘mock-up’ veneers are then created to the proposed size and shape of the final veneers so you can ‘trial’ them.

At the second visit, the following day, the temporary veneers are reviewed for appearance, phonetics and function. Adjustments are made if necessary; and then an impression is taken of the temporaries for the laboratory to copy in the fabrication of the final veneers.

Finally, the veneers are bonded to the prepared teeth so you walk out with a bright, new, revitalised smile that exceeds even your expectations. In many cases, another impression will be taken to construct a night splint to protect the veneers from night –time grinding habits (bruxism).

Veneers are a more conservative alternative to full crowns as normally only a small amount of enamel has to be removed in preparation (opposed to the whole tooth). With effective oral hygiene and regular maintenance appointments veneers can last 10-15 years.

If you feel that veneers may be the solution for you contact our dedicated team to arrange an appointment to have yours fitted and your smile updated.