Porcelain Onlays

With the introduction of newer porcelains, inlays and onlays are being used more frequently now to rebuild damaged teeth.

The benefits of white inlays or onlays is they involved less preparation of your tooth, are cost-effective and can be tailored to precisely match the existing colour of your teeth leaving you with a beautiful natural smile. In fact, they are virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye. White inlays or onlays are used to replace larger fillings. These restorations are fused onto the remaining tooth.

The newer porcelains we use at Prime Dental have a similar hardness to enamel compared with other porcelains, which are harder than our own teeth. This was a major problem because they would abrade the opposing teeth with time.

At Prime Dental CEREC is our preferred method of restoring heavily filled teeth, as it is more accurate and efficient than traditional techniques, with precise restoration being created and fitted in a single visit.

What’s Involved?

The tooth is prepared, and a digital impression is taken so that our CEREC machine can fabricate your restoration in a single visit.