Orthodontics provides an effective solution to crooked, crowded or spaced teeth and a misaligned jaw, such as an over bite.

Orthodontic treatment can have significant benefits for the strength, appearance and function of the jaw. It also can benefit the alignment of the jaw and teeth which assists with pressure of chewing to be spread evenly throughout the mouth.

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Children’s Orthodontics

Techniques are available to guide the development of jaws and teeth from the age of 6 onwards to the time of pubertal growth. Early intervention may mean a better outcome, less or no extractions and a faster overall treatment. At Prime Dental we are happy to analyse your child’s development and we have all the equipment to complete this analysis at our practice, for your convenience.

Adult Orthodontics

At Prime Dental we believe in providing this as an option because it is often tied up with other treatments and may be helpful to optimise the outcome of your wider treatment plan. We will always offer you a referral to specialist orthodontist should you prefer this option.