The Effect Of Diabetes On Oral Health

Poorly controlled Diabetes will affect oral health as the blood vessels are likely to be narrower than normal, resulting in gums receiving a decreased blood supply, therefore less oxygen, fewer nutrients and less efficient removal of waste products.

This can lead to the following problems:

  • Being more prone to develop infections including gingivitis (bleeding gums and calculus) and periodontitis (pocketing and bone loss).
  • Infections and wounds taking longer to heal.
  • Decreased saliva flow or foamy saliva may decrease the saliva’s effectiveness in buffering the acids that bacteria in plaque produce, resulting in higher caries (decay) rates and dry, irritated oral tissues.
  • Many bacteria thrive on sugars, including glucose which is linked to diabetes. If diabetes is poorly controlled high glucose levels in oral fluids may help bacteria grow, causing potential gum disease.

At Prime Dental our experienced staff recommend that regular active maintenance (checks) are essential in the maintenance of good oral health, especially in the case of diabetes, to ensure your smile stays bright and healthy.