Infants And Toddlers

Baby and brother brushingBaby teeth perform a vital role in healthy diets, speech and the development of a child’s unique personality.

They help the face and jaws to properly develop and maintain the correct spaces for the erupting permanent teeth. For these reasons it is important to take good care of primary teeth.


A baby’s teeth start to form during pregnancy. Just before birth the entire set of primary teeth have begun to form beneath your baby’s gums.

Mum needs to provide minerals to calcify the baby teeth. The best sources of these minerals are calcium rich foods such as dairy products, almonds, salmon, green leafy vegetables.

A nutritious diet and good dental hygiene during pregnancy will ensure that both mum and baby’s teeth will be strong and healthy.


The first tooth usually appears between 6 and 9 months and a baby’s entire set is normally present by 3 years of age.

Teething can cause pain and discomfort for babies as the gums may become sore, red and swollen.

Throughout teething babies may become cranky or irritable and increased dribbling, flushed cheeks, ear pulling, changed eating habits and restless sleeping patterns could be experienced.

Increased temperature, changes in bowel movements and nappy rash may occur.

Signs of serious illness should not be attributed to teething and medical advice should be sought.

Easing Discomfort

Babies often chew on their fingers or other objects, as this pressure seems to relieve the discomfit.

A clean cold teething ring may provide some relief. Rusks or crusts of bread may help ease this discomfit.

Rubbing your child’s gums with your clean finger can help ease the pain.

Teething problems should be temporary, if pain persists, seek medical advice.

Child’s paracetamol may be given for temporary relief.

Teething powders or gels quantity should be limited and are not recommended for infants less than 4 months of age.

Providing lots of cuddles and being understanding & sympathetic may also help to comfort during stressful teething and can calm frazzled mums and dads.