Anxious Patients

At Prime Dental, our caring team place your needs as paramount and endeavor to make your experience with us as relaxed and comfortable as humanly possible. We know the anxiety that many people experience upon their trips to the dentists and we attempt to accommodate any needs, requirements and worries that you may have. We are happy to offer the following services to relieve this stress:

Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas)

Nitrous Oxide is an effective, widely used method of mild sedation for both adults and children, with no lasting side effects. It provides a painless, relaxed experience throughout your dental treatment where any effects will cease when patients stop inhaling nitrous oxide.

General Anaesthetic

For more complicated or serious procedure we also offer the option of undergoing at General Anaesthetic. It his option is chosen our practice will need to be notified in advance and your treatment will be undertaken at the local day surgery, with the aid of a qualified anaesthetist. Under this form of sedation patients will be completely asleep and awake upon completion of the treatment.

Oral Sedation

For mild anxiety we also offer Oral Sedation. This form of sedation is a pill which is supplied by your dentist and taken prior to undergoing your dental treatment. Whilst remaining conscious throughout the procedure patients will feel relaxed and at ease. Side effects will cease shortly after treatment.