First Visit

Our team at Prime Dental are committed to providing quality oral and personal care with professionalism and comfort.

We want you to understand our procedures, be informed of your treatment and be comfortable with your dentist. In order to help achieve this we have outlined what you can expect throughout your first visit to Prime Dental:

  1. Upon arriving at our modern practice you will be immediately welcomed by our friendly team. Our friendly patient coordinator will show you to our consult room where a comprehensive medical and dental history will be obtained.
  2. Upon being greeted and introduced to your dentist, they will perform a Comprehensive Dental Assessment and explain the results to you.
  3. A follow up appointment will then be arranged with one of our Hygienists and if further treatment is required a treatment plan will be presented at a subsequent consultation appointment.

Your Medical And Dental History

As a new patient Prime Dental request you to complete a medical and dental health form. You can download this form to complete prior to your arrival and our patient coordinator will review this with you in the privacy of our consult room.

Any information you provide is only used to gain a comprehensive understanding of your medical and oral history and current state to help in providing you with the best possible treatment plan, tailored specifically towards your individual requirements.

Download our New Patient Form here.

You can download the form online and email it to