Guide to Fees

We understand the apprehension that many people face when coming to the dentist regarding the financial stress that unexpected or extensive dental treatment can incur. For this reason, and continuing our desire to keep you informed we have provided a rough price guide to many of our treatment, so you can have some idea of what to expect.

Guide to Fees

These Fees are a guide only. You will receive a complete fee schedule along with your customised and detailed treatment plan after your examination.


Junior Mouthguard (child) $100

Standard Mouthguard (for most sports) $170

Heavy Duty  Mouthguard(boxing and other high risk sports) $190


Crowns $1950

Simple Root Canal $800

White Fillings (mostly) $165 – $400

CEREC Porcelain Restorations mostly range from $1200 – $1950

Complicated Root Canal $1340


Home Whitening $510

Veneers $1520

1 x implant supported crown $5420

2 x implant supported crowns $9200

3 unit bridge on two implants $10600


Removable Part chrome / full denture on two implants $9720

All-on-4 – Cost per single arch $25000

All-on-4 – Cost per double arch $47000

Full upper and lower denture $3500

Please note that the prices listed above are intended to act as a rough guide and are not fixed. Prices may vary depending on the nature and severity of treatment and your individual circumstances. For further information regarding the prices of any of our available services contact our experienced team or arrange a consultation.