What are the Benefits?

The benefits of implants using our All On 4® methodology include:

  • Successful treatment – A documented 98 per cent success rate, which is higher than traditional full mouth implant techniques involving bone grafts.
  • Greater functionality – Conventional dentures generally restore only 10 per cent of function, research shows that all-on-4 teeth restore up to 80 percent function in similar evaluations.
  • Simplified treatment process, minimal surgery – Removes the need for bone grafting in most cases, and full mouth teeth replacement is completed in as little as two to four days.
  • Cost savings – The immediate All On 4® surgery and restoration/Implant dentures cost about half the price of alternative techniques (bone grafting and the placement of more than four implants).
  • The implant prosthetics are fabricated to be natural in appearance and complementary to your face and smile. They are not removable like dentures and are fixed permanently onto the implants, with no coverage of the roof of your mouth, creating a feel much like natural teeth.
  • Easy maintenance – They are easy to clean and maintain and can be repaired or replaced without surgery.
  • Lifestyle benefitsNatural-looking fixed teeth which can tackle all types of foods without discomfort when you bite down or eat. No loose or moving dentures.