Tooth Sealant

Why Seal Teeth?

Over the past fifteen or more years, numerous materials and techniques have been developed to seal the top (occlusal) surfaces of teeth. These procedures are necessary because many teeth have defective biting surfaces when they erupt into the mouth, and so food debris and micro-organisms can penetrate into the grooves on the teeth during eating. Patients cannot clean these areas effectively resulting in the development of decay.

Do All Teeth Need To Be Sealed?

Usually, only the back (posterior) teeth require sealing.

Will All Decay Be Prevented?

Sealants prevent the majority of decay on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. However, routine fluoride and a thorough hygiene routine is required to decrease the risk of decay developing on other surfaces of the teeth.

How Long Do Sealants Last?

Sealant can last many years, however, depending on factors such as diet, tooth grinding and other health factors resealing may be required.